How's your piggy bank? Is debt running your life? Are you in control of your money, or is your money in control of you? Does thinking about money make you tired? The message series "Make It Rain" will guide you towards financial freedom through biblical principles - come join us! 


In this series, we’ll go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to follow Christ. For three weeks we will open ourselves up to see where our culture is missing the mark. The things that Jesus would undo if He were to come back today.

This series is designed to empower and embolden people to stand up to a culture that no longer embraces truth as it's standard. Practical practices to live rightly for God.  

We all have a calling, That something that we feel we were born to do. This series we will learn that by observing disciplines God ask of us we will see His plan for us and our duty to carry out that plan.

There is no reason to look into an empty tomb. Let's look at the next 24 hours after the resurrection. Jesus is not just ALIVE He is REAL! 

Moms have a special gifting form God to achieve the purpose He has given them. We want to honor moms by looking at that those special gifts through the eyes of the mom God chose to raise His Son.